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ITEMS SOLD @ Torden Stores

Torden Stores is not just a Newsagents, we are the community shop. We sell a varied range of items, to cater for the daily requirements of the community as well as gorgeous gifts and ideas for presents, visitors and tourists.

We have the VERY FIRST CASH POINT MACHINE ATM in Port ST Mary, something which has been a massive help to everyone. As as a bonus, it doesn't charge you for your withdrawls!!

We also have a Fresh Candyfloss machine, with various flavours, all made while you wait.

And what better on a hot sunny day than a PROPER WHIPPY ICE CREAM!!! fresh made and ready to take away, in our bespoke environmentally safe card tubs, wooden spoons and no plastic! we offer sprinkles, sauces and flake fingers to go with the delicious whippy. All our whippy ice cream is bespoke made here on island by Manx Moos. 

Manx Moos also supply our huge range of Ice Cream tubs, and have some awesome flavours! theres also WOW NO COW range for lactose free ice cream, but it tastes like regular ice cream!!

We have a big DIY and HARDWARE section, selling tools, nails, screws, clips, nuts and bolts, hooks and loads more.

there's a big Automotive section, we stock most sizes of wiper blade, both standard and Aero style.  We have almost EVERY bulb you'll need for any vehicle. There's brake cleaner, lubrication oils, greases, cleaners, de-icer and screenwash.

we sell a big range of greeting cards, Ling Design so you know the cards will be elegant and beautiful. Plus we have exclusive Local artist cards hand drawn by John Hancock, which are truly amazing even as a keepsake! also there are photographic cards by local landscape photographer Richard Kinley, who's cards capture the beauty of the Isle of Man in amazing detail and colour.

Manx gifts are available, with a superb range of MANX INSPIRATIONS, cups, magnets, teatowels, soft toys, and much more!

And there's plenty of choice in chocolates too! everything from the regular bars, and cadbury slabs, to Bournville specials, plus Guinness Chocolate,  fancy Beeches chocolates, and even to tier chocolatier box sets for that special occasion! kids sweets are a favourite here, and school finishing time is fun!! plus we have weigh out traditional and retro sweets for everyone.

as the Post Office is a part of our store, you'll find everything you need to send letters, parcels, we have bubblewrap, sellotapes, other tapes, glues and boxes.

We have Custom made signs, wood gifts made right here in Torden Stores, many can be customised while you wait! 
We also have the Mannin Prop Shop, which make Fancy Dress and Cosplay helmets, for wearing or displaying. They also make the fantastic CUSTOM LAMPS!!

We carry most batteries you'll need and even help with fitting them in some cases.

We have a Superb Coffee machine which serves BEAN TO CUP and not just any bean but TORDEN STORES OWN HOUSE BLEND, which is also available to buy in ground or beans,

We have HOT FOOD, from Pies and Pasties all Manx made by AJ Meats to keep the tummies filled.

For the sweet tooth, every Friday, we have fresh baked Donuts from DoughBro, topped with icing and sprinkles, and lots of fillings!

There are loads of reasons to call in to Port St Mary. See you soon!

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