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Ukraine and Port St Mary

Torden Stores has some high hopes coming soon. As some may know a lovely family arrived in Port St Mary several weeks ago, they fled their war torn country and home found refuge here in this wonderful coastal village. Thanks to another wonderful and generous Family in Port St Mary, they were given a home to live in, and as much help as possible to try and integrate them into the community.

So now its Torden Stores' turn. We are in talks with the Government to allow us to give Luda a chance to gain better English and more confidence in reading and writing.

Pretty important for many reasons, but none more so that Luda is infact a Teacher! by giving her this opportunity to progress in the English Language, it means in a few months, she may well be in a postition to put her skills to much better use!

I hope everyone will pop in and welcome Luda into our community and give her the encouragement she deserves.

We are having some special Teeshirts made up for Luda, with the Torden Stores logo but in addition, the Ukrainian Flag to make her feel a little more special!

Heres to a bright Future for Luda, her Family and all Ukranians worldwide.

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