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Entering the NEW WORLD!

well, it had to happen at some point! Yeah yeah we know its been around for a LONG time, but Torden stores has officially become a WEBSITE owner. So why now?

The main reason was to allow those of you who do not have a social media account but do use Email and internet to be able to interact with us.

Mainly in the delivery aspect. By this we mean the info that we can give to any newspaper issues (such as papers not arriving on time, not on the island, any other issues) and keep it up to date daily.

Perhaps by doing this, we can give our customers a more reliable form of communication and understanding of whats happening.

we will also start asking for email addresses, this is so we can interact personally,

We will be able to send out itemised statements, and also give alerts to those who may not know of any issues.

So heres to enering the new world with electronic communication!

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